Production services



Machine processing


IMP Armature offers machine processing services for large metal components of various dimensions characterized by the tightest tolerance levels.

  • Processing is performed by powerful and precise CNC horizontal milling centres and CNC lathes.
  • Maximum size of machine-processed components measures 900x900x900mm while CNC lathes are suitable for products up to diameter Φ300 mm.





At IMP Armature, we operate a powerful shotblast machine used to process our own products before applying paint. Our shotblasting service is intended for everybody wanting to clean up and polish their metal products.

In shotblasting, a high-carbon steel abrasive medium 2–3mm in diameter is used; it is suitable for blasting metal parts, removing corrosion as well as other contaminants from your products.

The shotblaster is used to blast workpieces weighing over 1kg (2 pounds) which can be easily suspended from hooks.

Maximum workpiece dimensions:

  • Working diameter (i.e. maximum diameter): 1500 mm
  • Operational height: 1500 mm and
  • Weight: 1000 kg



Powder coating and wet spray painting - top-quality product protection


IMP Armature operates two coating lines used in powder coating and wet spray painting to provide our customers quality coatings suitable for various operating conditions.

Powder coating

Powder coating is particularly suitable for products subject to food integrity requirements. Simultaneously, epoxy powder coatings are also used in protecting products from aggressive media.

The coating line is used in the powder coating of metal products requiring preheating and a greater layer thickness - 150μm or more. We use epoxy and UV-resistant powder coatings.

Our coating lines can accommodate workpieces sizes up to 900x800x800mm weighing up to 500kg.

Wet spray painting

Wet spray painting is the perfect solution to preserve products exposed to high temperatures and different environmental impacts, or the medium. It is used mainly in heating systems or other systems exposed to large thermal fluctuations. In accordance with the type of paint used, the lines are heated to temperatures of up to 400°C .





Finished products are tested using modern CNC testing machines. Test results are automatically archived, stored and uploaded into databases as well as product testing certificates.

The following machinery is used in testing:

  • NMPA 100 for valves DN15 to DN100 and PN6 to PN40 – testing via pressurized air while submerged in water tank
  • NMPA 200 for valves DN80 to DN200 and PN6 to PN40 – testing via pressurized air while submerged in water tank
  • NMPA 500 for valves DN200 to DN600 and PN6 to PN40 – water-tested



Production of rubber and casting industry tools


Extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology assist in the production of quality tools and the development of products used in the rubber and casting industries.

Product development is carried out using CREO (PRO ENGINEER).

Various three-dimensional (3D) objects are produced using a CNC milling machine controlled directly via a computer.